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Oceana Vol. Fire Dept.
Virginia Beach Fire Dept. Virginia Beach, Virginia
Volunteer Notes For The Quarter

10 May 2016

  • Meeting called to order 7:05 PM
  • Roll Call
  • Betty gave Treasurer's Report
  • Reading of General Meeting Minutes from March 2016 - Accepted as Read
  • Reading of BOD Meeting Minutes from April 2016 - Accepted as Read


  1. No training conducted, Chris Denny was unable to attend meeting.


  1. Fund drive has been sent out

  2. Uniform ordering period opening in July 2016, new VST not included in this round

  3. BBP-OSHA Refreshers - Everyone is up to date

  4. Decon-1 for Support 8 back up - no longer an option


  1. Station Protocol Standards - Email sent 4-29-2016 restating guidelines for personnel.

  2. New SCBA storage rack has been delivered and will be installed just prior to City changing out the SCBA cylinders.

  3. New batteries and radios have been assigned. Each radio is specifically assigned to a position on each apparatus. Must ensure to take the correct radio for your assigned position on your assigned apparatus. Batteries need to be completely drained prior to charging. Please use a battery until the "Low Battery" indicator sounds and turns Red. If battery is low take a back up with you, but be sure to return to the blue box upon completion of shift.

  4. Chief Richardson reported on Career Staff Meeting Items
    1. Remaining SCBA required in-service dates are May 12 & 24. Additional training will be available prior to deployment of SCBA's

    2. Published OVFD Monthly Duty Schedule will be forwarded to career battalion chiefs for their use. Chief Richardson informed them that schedule evolves from the time it is posted.

  5. Current VST Class has one month left of training before graduation. New techs will be placed on June's schedule once. Starting in July they will be on routine 3 duties.

  6. Discussion is underway between Chief Richardson and Career Senior Staff concerning the next VST recruit process. A fall class is desired by all and HR reviewing the possibility. Career staff has again brought up staffing Support 8 at times when volunteers are unable. Further discussions to take place.

  7. Thorough vehicle check off needs to be done each shift. There have been several recent incidents where items have been checked off on paper, but were out of date or in wrong compartment, etc. Take the time to do a complete check off. Also, if something is damaged on your shift please be sure to notify Chief Richardson and/or Steve Kennedy so it can properly be repaired or replaced.

  8. Staffing for Upcoming Events - Strawberry Festival May 28-29, VB Air Show Jun 11, Hose Testing ā€œCā€ shift Jun 25 - this will be used as the monthly training/drill of hose testing and packing, War Birds Jun 21. Shipboard FF School.

  9. VA Governor's Volunteerism and Service Award - OVFD was nominated for the award by Art Kohn (VBFD PIO). While not selected, OVFD was recognized by the State as being one of its top 100 volunteer organizations. Letter is available for anyone interested.


  1. Brush 8 - getting diagnostic to see exactly what repair/replacement needs to be done on the pump.

  2. Tires are being replaced on the Utility vehicle.

Meeting adjourned 8:15 PM